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Silver fox 🦊 Thinker. 🤔 Serial Entrepreneur. 👔 I write about education, entrepreneurship and everything in-between.

I was reflecting on the state of the world this week. There is so much nonsense to deal with which seems never-ending. And all of these societal ills. I looked through my notes app and realised I’ve got lots of half written articles on so many of the challenges, the different isms, etc. Every single day I wake up to yet more drama and distraction on social media. I eye-roll at most of it.

The France-Macron-Erdogan-Charlie Hebdo saga is simply the latest in a long line. I shrug my shoulders now nonchalantly when this kind of stuff happens. It’s expected…

When you think about it, communication and content has always been the key to winning the hearts and minds. Think about any charismatic leader — what you think of first is a soul-stirring speech or their oratory power which makes you stand up and take notice.

Effective communication has the power to influence. Intelligent, influential, impactful content is the key to the future — if you can shape people’s world view, you are powerful beyond measure.

This is why Malcolm X said “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and…

Somebody asked me the other day ‘what are the best charities to donate to this Ramadan’?

Honestly, no idea.

Not that they don’t do great work. They do. They are responsible for distributing millions in aid to the poorest and most needy in society, all over the world. Much needed and may Allah reward every single person not only working tirelessly within charities, but every single donor, sincerely giving away part of their wealth.

But they all blur into much of a muchness.

Everyone’s doing the same thing — so how do you make a decision?

This is where I…

It’s been an interesting few days with this whole European Super League palaver.

The furore and fallout over it has been crazy to watch as it unfolded — but it confirms one thing that is now clear to see — money (and football) really are the religions of today.

For the past 72 hours — this was all anyone was talking about — to the extent where people were complaining of the sheer injustice, greed, unfairness, avarice and betrayal of a select few.

When it affects something you REALLY love, eyes everywhere were opened to the greed and elitism rife…

“Fate protects us from death.” -Ertugrul Bey

This is a quote that comes to mind when looking at our recent panic-stricken times.

What this means, in a nutshell is a gentle reminder for us to go into life all-in. Remember that our life is written already. So be fearless and do what you’re supposed to do. Go live life, with wisdom of course. What’s the worst that can happen? After all, what is scarier than death, right?

You won’t die because your fate will protect you from that… and if it doesn’t, well that just means it was your time…

Photo by Malik Shibly on Unsplash

I hosted a well-known scholar not so long ago.

On the very last day, as our time together was coming to an end, I asked him one final question.

“Sheikh, I’ve learned a whole lot from spending time with you these past few days. But if there’s only one thing you could leave me with, what would it be?”

Without hesitating, he said “That’s an easy one.” (I will paraphrase a little, of course).

“We often busy ourselves with the learning of different things. Everything has its due place of course. But nothing, absolutely nothing matters more than the Quran.

Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash

This is what life is often like…




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So, we have just undergone a rebrand. Cool, right?

We’re over a year into the Muslim CEO journey so we felt it’s about time.

What do you think? For us, we feel it represents us well. It represents movement, growth, change, on a global scale. There’s three of us, making up the three colours and also three parts to our proven process and methodology.

If you don’t remember the original, it was a monochrome simple icon. Black and white and bold. It cost us $10.

“When knowledge is scarce, harshness appears.” — Imam Malik (r.a)

This is the biggest irony of our times.

We live in a time with immense knowledge available at our very fingertips — everything is a quick Google or Wikipedia search away. With the advent of machine learning and AI, they say that in the 2020's, all ‘knowledge’ in human existence will double every 12 hours. Crazy, right?

So with a hugely enlightened population (in theory), how can such ignorance still exist? The type of ignorance that allows extreme right wing nationalists to continually spout hatred — and worse still —…

Thank God for Google, right?

The world’s information quite literally is at our fingertips. I can tell you who Alabama’s 15th sheriff was. I can tell you how quantum mechanics works in a combustion engine. I can tell you who won the Russian 2nd division volleyball league in 1986.

We have more knowledge than ever before.

Given the proliferation of text-based information available to us today with the internet and our smartphones, we are probably reading more now, as a world population than we’ve ever done before in history.

More students are achieving first class honours degrees than ever before…

Faisal Amjad

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